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    pb scott schliebe usfws About Endangered Polar BearsThey are so cute, cuddly and absolutely vulnerable. Polar bears capture the admiration and attention of individuals the world over for their fluffy bright coats as well as huggable size. They achieve appreciation from pet lovers for their hunting ability as well as survival techniques in one of the harshest atmospheres on Earth. But regardless of their frustrating recognition these giants are actually in threat of being wiped off Planet entirely.

    The Bear Essential
    Polar bears are actually a large varieties that make their homes on the frozen Arctic sea. The bears are going to spend the majority of their lives on the ice. Males can easily grow up to ten feet in span and weigh in at over 1,400 pounds! The bears are actually carnivores, implying they include mainly on a diet made up of the meat of other Arctic pets. At present there are estimated to be just less than 50 thousands Arctic polar bears left in the wild. They are on the Endangered Species List.

    That Is Helping, as well as How
    Major contributors to the fight to save the Arctic Polar Bear include the Coca-Cola Provider as well as the Globe Wildlife Fund. Together these organizations are raising money to investigation exactly what is inducing world-wide climate change as well as working by having governmental companies to control greenhouse gasoline emissions. Additional significant jobs consist of efforts to eliminate unfavorable mortal interactions consisting of poaching and extreme travel and leisure as well as protecting vital habitat spots such as birthing dens.

    You are able to get included in the quest to save the Arctic Polar Bears by performing immediately with the Globe Fauna Fund. Start your gratifying journey today by seeing Polar Bears at World Wild Life.

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27 Comments to About Endangered Polar Bears

  • Azure Z says:

    If global warming is going to cause polar bear extinction, would it help to move some of them to Antartica? From what I’ve read, it seems that climatologists believe that its too late to avoid some of the consequences of global warming. One of the consequences may be the extinction of polar bears. If the arctic becomes warm enough, the polar bears will probably end up competing against other types of bears that have moved northward. It seems that the polar bears would no longer be most fit to survive in that area once it becomes warm enough. However, unlike the arctic, Antarctica has land mass that goes all the way to the pole. Also, there will be no bears of other types that are likely to be competition for the polar bears. Has anyone heard of anyone else proposing something like this? I know that introducing foreign animals to an ecosystem can often cause bad things to happen. But, since there doesn’t seem to be much of an ecosystem in the interior of Antarctica anyway, maybe this would be viable. The penguins probably would really dislike this idea, of course. Skiingted – If polar bears were able to adapt to any weather they encountered, they would be living every place from up in the arctic to down in the tropics. Polar bears are extremely well adapted to their current niche, but they are not good at surving in other conditions. If that niche goes away, polar bears will too. Being biggest isn’t going to help them either. Climate change tends to wipe out larger animals faster than smaller animals. Rats can easily survive a lot of climate changes that would put an elephant six feet under.

  • I don’t think the ecosystem can support the polar bears in Antarctica. The penguins will be a good appetizer but I’m not sure if the Polar Bears can survive on them alone.

  • skiingted says:

    I personally think this global warming thing is a bunch of bunk. I am not saying it is not happening but I do not believe we humans are causing it. There is no more water on this earth then there was a million years ago. At one time almost the entire planet was covered by water. Did the human race cause global warming then? I don’t think so. Our world is on an elliptic path through out the universe and I think it is something that just naturally happens every few thousand years or so. chicken Little is still alive today and still spreading ridiculous rumors. BTW. Polar bears will adapt to whatever weather it encounters and survive. They are the biggest bear on the planet ya know.

  • First of all, Polar Bears aren’t dying from global warming. In fact, studies show that 12 out of 13 polar bear populations along the arctic circle have actually been increasing for the past 10 years, and that the only bear population that wasn’t doing too well was the group that drowned in a freak storm. So, I don’t think that Polar bears are gonna be extinct any time soon. As for Antarctica, I doubt that polar bears would survive like penguins have. They’d have to walk to the shore to get food, then they’d have to walk 56m towards the inland, then do it again and again, etc. But your right, penguins wouldn’t like polar bears……we’re adorable enough, we don’t need competition.

  • Page1344 says:

    She’s an animal killer. So, I doubt she has any funding in mine to help the polar bears, or any other animals for that matter. PS: I promise not to tell Stephen Colbert about your love of bears.

  • Oh..Please they are not an Endangered species!!!!!She is an outdoors man who has respect for all the animals of the world. I bet you spit on people who wear fur coats to keep them warm.

  • Rachel says:

    I like bears too, but let’s focus on people for now. It’s kind of a bigger deal, unless you’re a member of PETA, then you should go up and take care of the bears yourself. I’m sure they’ll let you be a part of their group.

  • yackat says:

    This quote is from Time Magazine: “When the Department of the Interior in May listed the polar bear as a threatened species due to warming?an action that could interfere with drilling in Alaska’s coastal waters, where the polar bears live ?Palin sued the Federal Government in response.” Palin also supports aerial hunting of wolves from helicopters (real hunters despise this practice as the technique is to run the animal to exhaustion before the cowardly gunman disembarks and shoots the animal point blank): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGPFPBmzRrQ

  • She wants to take them off the endangered species list!

  • Poor Banker says:

    But of course you are leading the question because she sued to take them off the endangered species list. Global Warming may kill more of them than drilling in ANWR and pushing the pipeline. You want energy, or your want polar bears? Gun to my head says energy.

  • bsquared says:

    Is global climate change going to cause human extinction? I have been reading, and there is no denying a change in climate. I don’t want to hear about polar bears, species have been going extinct for billions of years. I’m sure the first people of the planet were distraught to find no mammoth, but I’m sure they didn’t miss sabre tooth tigers eating them. Climate change will change the coastline and our weather, but is it going to kill us, or will our coasts just move, and our humanity adjust and survive?

  • silverbirch says:

    It is doubtful we will become extinct. we have lived through ice ages before, and our big strength as a species is our adaptability. It may, however, destroy civilisation, and all the things that go with it. I would suggest you learn how to grow food.

  • Cirric says:

    Hi. Hard to say. With the exception of current species, ALL species even formed have become extinct. Just part of the process. Certainly our over-population is not sustainable, with or without climate change.

  • Anonymous says:

    what is the impact on young adults about polar bear extinction?

  • Tommy Stress says:

    they don’t give a fuk xD i for 1 don’t care they are wild animals that are no benefit to us so i don’t care if they were extinct you can’t even have them as a pet they will eat you alive

  • Lawrence C says:

    None, it’s all in their minds. I’ve only seen one in zoo, and it didn’t impress me much. Out of sight, out of mind. Next you’ll say the unicorns are endangered.

  • Guru Hank says:

    They probably believe it. Pressure groups like to go to work on children because they believe what they are told by their elders, and it is easy to produce a strong emotional effect on them by talking about danger to animals. The polar bear population is very healthy, and has increased in a number of recent years.

  • if they were going extinct, it may have an effect on young peoples peace of mind,but since their numbers are increasing the point is to make YOU think they are going extinct…this is to get you behind the pseudoscience of global warming…http://newsbusters.org/node/12694

  • emucompboy says:

    Fewer people in Alaska will get eaten by polar bears. That’s about it.

  • Poncho Pete says:

    Why do global warming fanatics want to save Polar Bears, and not Huskies? Polar Bear populations have tripled since the 1970s, up to around 25,000 worldwide. There use to be 20,000 Huskies (Dogs) in the Arctic, now there are under 500 pure bred Huskies in the Arctic. Why do global warming fanatics discriminate, pick certain animals that shall exist or perish? Why do Global Warming fanatics want to save Polar Bears (over populate, they really are not endangered), and ignore the real problem, the extinction of the Husky in the Arctic, the real endangered animal in the Arctic?

  • wayne g says:

    Huskies can live in your back yard. They don’t need ice flows.

  • Sage says:

    polar bears ar more in danger

  • Andrew B says:

    Good point. the polar bear is really more of a symbol that all of the brainwashed Al gore Sheep herd to. Thirty years ago, the symbol was the chimpanzee freezing when all the people thought the earth was gonna get too cold. People need to relax and live their lives. Not to be mr. depression, but the Earth is huge. Peole are to small, too minute to make a difference that the earth doesn’t balance out. You can’t make a difference in the world. And now your probably saying, “Andrew, you idiot, all the people united can!” But thats where your wrong. The Earth is too big. Secondly, the bible says that the earth is here for our taking. its good to take care of it by going green, but pushing it by freaking out about global warming is unnecessary.

  • Blake C says:

    I think the main reason is that people can breed huskies and raise them in captivity, but polar bears (being bears) aren’t what a normal person would consider a pet. The population of wild huskies is lower due to the fact that polar bears hunt near the water and that’s where all the ice that’s melting is. The huskies hunt for food in places where people don’t usually go to in the Arctic, and are less seen with human eyes.

  • Tim D says:

    20. D, because global warming is eliminating polar bear habitat. Number of offspring is irrelevant if habitat goes. 17. I like B. :) You don’t need diversity for food crops, nor recycling of raw materials, nor is it the same issue as global warming–in theory you could stop that by planting plenty of just a few tree species, while switching to nonfossil fuels. While it may be necessary for medicines, basically I think diversity should be maintained for its own sake. The world wouldn’t be as interesting without a lot of cool exotic species like rhinos, crocs, sharks etc.

  • iisj13 says:

    20. A…polar bears have few offspring. 17. D sounds like a good choice, because in ecology books they pretty much base it on the fact that all the organisms have a niche in the ecosystem, and if one disappears, the thing collapses. a simple example: grass < bunny < wolf < fungus and decomposers < (soil) < grass if one thing disappears, all the other things will find it very hard to survive

  • Miha L says:

    From http://www.bearplanet.org/global-warming-polar-bears.shtml ——————————————— “Global Warming effect has serious consequences for all living organisms, but it is of especially great concern for the polar bear. According to the U.S. Geological Survey Office, reduction in sea ice in the Arctic can see a loss of 2/3rds of the entire word?s Polar Bear population over the next 50 years. “

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